Debate Popular Amongst College Students?


According to Nielsen, approximately 84 million viewers tuned in on Monday night to watch the first presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

84. Million. People. That destroys the previous record (set in 1980) where nearly 81 million watched the debate between Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan. What makes this all the more surprising is that the 84 million-viewer statistic does not even include those who watched the debate on another platform. One can expect that the total viewers would have reached the 100 million mark if it did. Continue reading

Three Shows College Students Should Watch This Fall

Fall semester is officially underway for college students and, with that, comes a substantial amount of work… Work that absolutely no college student has any desire to complete. Typically, students choose to procrastinate in one of three ways: Napping, partying, or eating. While these three ways are each enjoyable for different reasons, none of them are optimal procrastination methods. When it comes to the best procrastination method, the answer is an object that has been around for decades: Television.

Now, please let it be clear, I am not saying college students should procrastinate by watching television. Procrastination causes intense amounts of stress and, more frequently than not, leads to poor execution on tests, papers, and other assignments. What I am saying is that when they do decide to procrastinate, they should do it by watching shows that have educational information yet are also exciting. The shows below appear to have the perfect mix of information, drama, and excitement needed for a weekly procrastination night. Continue reading