Walking Dead 706 Quick Thoughts

Wow. How is that the episodes that have strayed away from our main characters have been the most interesting and best ones this season?

“Swear” focused on the aftermath of Tara and Heath after the satellite attack. A broken Heath wonders if he should even go on after the people he had to kill there and while the two are scavenging for supplies on a bridge, they find a horde of walkers that causes Tara to go over the edge. Continue reading

Every Simpsons Ever Marathon

Can you believe it? There have been 600 episodes of “The Simpsons,” Fox’s long running animated television show following the family of the same name.

This Thanksgiving, FXX (FX’s second channel that is available to most cable providers) is showing every single episode without a break.


The marathon started yesterday at noon and will run for 13 days. It is a tribute to arguably the most successful show in television history. I know that I for one will be tuning in to some episodes for nostalgia value and for humor.

Being a show that has been televised since 1989 and does not have a building plot, each episode is different and there is one out there for everyone. The Guardian published an article on the best episodes to watch.

My personal suggestion is to watch the “Treehouse of Horror” episodes because they are satires on popular horror movies, shows, and books.

So grab some donuts, maybe a beer or two,  and kick back this holiday weekend and take the time to watch at least an episode. It is rare to find an one that does not contain gut-wrenching jokes.

Monday Night Football Viewership Falls

Ah. What do you know? The NFL once again saw its overall Monday Night Football viewership decline after a minimal two week increase.

According to a report by ProFootballTalk, Monday night’s game between the Cincinnati Bengals and the New York Giants recorded a rating of 7.9 which was nearly an 8 percent drop from last year’s Texans-Bengals matchup which occurred the same week.

Is this surprising? Not in the least. Continue reading