Walking Dead 706 Quick Thoughts

Wow. How is that the episodes that have strayed away from our main characters have been the most interesting and best ones this season?

“Swear” focused on the aftermath of Tara and Heath after the satellite attack. A broken Heath wonders if he should even go on after the people he had to kill there and while the two are scavenging for supplies on a bridge, they find a horde of walkers that causes Tara to go over the edge.

She wakes up on the beach and travels inland only to find what seems to be a cult of dangerous and crazy women. Later, we find out that all of the men in their group were killed by Negan and the Saviors and that is why they are the way they are.

So… the positives of the episode:

  • Absolutely impressive performance from Alanna Masterson (Tara). She was genuinely funny and stayed true to her character in her first lead performance. I hope that she will be more involved in the season because she truly is a badass and interesting character.
  • I really enjoyed the whole setting and feel of the beach community. In the episode, the leader said they wanted to live a secluded, peaceful life after what happened to them previously. That is what the episode conveyed. It felt like they were in their own peaceful world.
  • The morality of Heath. Being almost like a Glenn replica and highly influenced by him, you could tell that he really is struggling with this new concept of life where you have to kill to remain safe. I will be intrigued to see if he stays alive past this season because that character typically bites the dust.
  • The cinematography of the episode was beautiful. The shots were crisp and it looked the characters were on an actual beach (They were) but the bungalows even looked realisitc.
  • The costume design was really on point this episode. The walkers are constantly being shown in a new and interesting way and the sand walkers were spot on.


  • The awful ploy of making Tara believe that Heath was turned into a walker only to have it turn around and be someone a female zombie. That is terrible television. There are much better ways to execute a scene like that.

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