What is considered “graphic content”?

Remember that in the 1950s, popular TV couple, Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz, slept in two different twin-sized beds on the show “I Love Lucy” even though they were a happily married couple? Remember how the thought of them being show in the same bed on television was considered graphic and indecent?

Today, in television, it is hard to make it through an episode of any television show, whether it be on over-the-air stations, cable, or premium cable, without seeing a couple sleep in the same bed or even perhaps get a bit more frisky. Regardless of whether one likes it or not, that is the standard that society has adapted today. Yet is that technically considered “graphic”?

Think of how in Fox’s new hit drama, “Designated Survivor,”they show a terrorist group murder a man. There is not much gore shown but compared to the 1950s, the idea of even implying murder was unheard of. Is that considered “graphic”?

Or lastly, think of how HBO’s Emmy-winning drama “Game of Thrones” uses explicit language, frequently, and powerfully to add weight to the context of the conversations. Eh, that might just be one of the smaller options to pick on from the show but still, is that language considered “graphic”? Continue reading

What is “television”?

For the past 50 years, when someone asked, “Want to watch some television?” a person immediately thought of sitting down on a couch, in front of box television set, and flipping through the channels until they found one that had a show they liked.

That process was something that no one questioned – Television was something that an individual could only watch at a house at the specific time a program was on. The belief was that television was something that could only be watched on over-the-air channels or through a cable/satellite dish.

Upon further examination though, that belief could not have been more wrong. According to Merriam-Webster, television is “an electronic system of transmitting transient images of fixed or moving objects together with sound over a wire or through space by apparatus that converts light and sound into electrical waves and reconverts them into visible light rays and audible sound.” Continue reading

Is television becoming even more competitive?

There is no question that television channels and companies are ultra-competitve with one another. Each year, stations attempt to outdo the others by having the best television shows and gain more recognition amongst the public eye. By having one of the most watched channels, there is a greater likelihood that station will get more money and have the ability to produce even more and better shows.

While there are many justifiable reasons that one can provide as to why a certain network is the best, often times the most used reason is the total number of Emmy wins a station received in the previous year. At the 68th Primetime Emmy Awards, HBO and FX shared the crown, as both networks won 6 major awards. The total nomination list by network was as followed:

HBO: 40, FX:28, Netflix: 17, ABC: 12, AMC: 9, Showtime: 8, Amazon/NBC/CBS/PBS: 6, Comedy Central: 5, Fox: 4, and BBC/Lifetime/USA: 3 Continue reading

Monday Night Football Viewership Falls

Ah. What do you know? The NFL once again saw its overall Monday Night Football viewership decline after a minimal two week increase.

According to a report by ProFootballTalk, Monday night’s game between the Cincinnati Bengals and the New York Giants recorded a rating of 7.9 which was nearly an 8 percent drop from last year’s Texans-Bengals matchup which occurred the same week.

Is this surprising? Not in the least. Continue reading

Three Shows College Students Should Watch This Fall

Fall semester is officially underway for college students and, with that, comes a substantial amount of work… Work that absolutely no college student has any desire to complete. Typically, students choose to procrastinate in one of three ways: Napping, partying, or eating. While these three ways are each enjoyable for different reasons, none of them are optimal procrastination methods. When it comes to the best procrastination method, the answer is an object that has been around for decades: Television.

Now, please let it be clear, I am not saying college students should procrastinate by watching television. Procrastination causes intense amounts of stress and, more frequently than not, leads to poor execution on tests, papers, and other assignments. What I am saying is that when they do decide to procrastinate, they should do it by watching shows that have educational information yet are also exciting. The shows below appear to have the perfect mix of information, drama, and excitement needed for a weekly procrastination night. Continue reading